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Dead Ink as an independent publisher based in Liverpool. We’re small, but we punch well above our weight when it comes to breaking the careers of bold new authors.

Remember back in the day when pursuers of the literary arts would have a rich benefactor acting as their patron? Yeah, well we don’t know anyone like that, but we do have a Patreon where anyone can subscribe. Every Patron get’s each of our books delivered to them a month before publication, they come signed and we throw in lots of extra goodies. There’s also extra content from our authors and our team on the Patreon page that you can access.

Subscribing to our press in this way is the best way to support Dead Ink and it means we can be confident publishing the kind of bold literature that nobody else is doing.

From the Archive

New Ruins – Absorbed

Dead Ink has partnered with Influx Press to create a brand new imprint called NEW RUINS. Our first title is Kylie Whitehead’s...

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My Political Novel by Haroun Khan

There’s a really snotty attitude towards the political in novels. Maybe because life has been settled in this sceptered isle for so...

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The North in New York

‘New York is bullshit!’ Anonymous American Editor   There is a temptation, being from the ‘outside’ as we are in the North,...

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I Can Feel my Father Dying: Toxic Masculinity and the Fear of Potential by Harry Gallon

Writing is something I want to control. Writing is something I cannot. There are times when it feels like take take take....

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The Author Boot Camp

We awoke bleary-eyed after a stormy night to find several tonnes of concrete had collapsed onto the railway lines going into Liverpool...

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The Northern Fiction Alliance

Dead Ink is incredibly proud to announce that it will be part of the Northern Fiction Alliance. TweetSharePin

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