Everyone thinks their book club is the best book club. All book clubs are pretty great, but, short of meeting up in a car park for a rumble, how do you prove that your book club is better than all the others? After all, let’s face it, reading is a competitive sport. To solve this […]

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The Shapes of Dogs’ Eyes Shortlisted for Best Novella

Harry Gallon’s funny, delightful, eloquent, entertaining, vivid, imaginative, and brilliant book, The Shapes of Dogs’ Eyes has been shortlisted for Best Novella in the Saboteur Awards! This is amazing news and to celebrate we’ve put the beautiful hardback on sale. So, what was £14 has been reduced to £10. A pretty sweet deal and one […]

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Publishing the Underground hits 100%

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 19.19.43

Dead Ink is pleased to announce that Publishing the Underground has surpassed 100% of its funding goal. Publishing the Underground is a project supported by Arts Council England aimed at engaging authors and readers as a community to provide support to debut literary fiction. The project was established as a pilot study to assess the […]

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Protesting the Future: An Interview with Wes Brown

Wes Brown’s second novel, When Lights Are Bright is one of Dead Ink’s New Voices 2015. The book is a day in Leeds throughout which the contrarian journalist, James Oisin, covers the story of a missing schoolgirl, Chantelle Bailey. He sat down with his Editor, Nathan Connolly, to discuss the book.  Where did the book […]

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Submissions Now Open: New Voices 2016

This month we announced the launch of New Voices 2015 as part of our Publishing the Underground programme. Now we’re looking for exciting work for next year’s New Voices 2016. Submissions are now open! New Voices is Dead Ink’s annual publication of three novels from the best new and emerging writers in Britain. Last year we […]

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Extract: When Lights Are Bright

The baying mass was outside. It had begun. It made him shiver to think of the communion with thugs and heavies who smelled like his father. James Oisin stood in a satin nightgown, all hairy-legs, drinking from a shot glass. Last night, he had taken five minutes out of a boozy game of cards to […]

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Extract: The Wave

Brazil It was suffocating, like living at the bottom of a giant sweating sea, a grey iron mass that pushed down on your head inexorably. The clouds, the sky, the faintest current were all aspects of this giant ocean that encased the earth. Not even a whisper of fresh air existed down there. Any breath […]

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Extract: The Shapes of Dogs’ Eyes

Harry Angle copy

Today I was boiled alive. I was stuck inside a horror vision of beer kettle aluminium, titanium and chrome. Stainless steel that stained me. I was welly boot dry-hopped in a vat of pale ale, and that made me the secret ingredient. It all began in Battersea Park, or, rather, on the way back to […]

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New Voices 2015


  Dead Ink is pleased to announce the launch of New Voices 2015, the latest in our annual series of daring novels from emerging British authors of extraordinary talent. This follows on from the success of New Voices 2014 which featured SJ Bradley’s Brick Mother, Richard Smyth’s Wild Ink, and Sally Ashton’s Controller. This year […]

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Publishing the Underground Launch


Publishing the Underground is an ambitious new experiment in participatory publishing, bringing readers closer to authors. Supported by Arts Council England, Dead Ink aims to combine crowdfunding, subscription and membership to redefine the way that we think of publishing and ensure the future of challenging new literary fiction. Continuing our showcase New Voices series, the […]

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