tomato killer-01

Tomato Killer by Matthew Simon Alexander

A man sits at a metal desk with his hands cuffed in front of him. Two men sit opposite him with the table acting as a natural barrier between them and him. Two other men, clearly subordinates, stand behind the handcuffed man with concerned expressions on their faces. The handcuffed man cannot see this, but […]

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poems copland-01

Two Poems by copland smith

Flooded Fields    1998 I In Lincolnshire, they open ditches, watch lakes grow across the fen. Water moves between high dykes; from rushes, ripples fan. Nine Tailors country— not much changes: bells as flat as local beer, straightness— the dykes and ditches, lightning, skylines, rain. The church is on a hill. Round here, they use the word for such a […]

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Too Ruffian for You-01

Book Review: A Song For Issy Bradley

This book – the story, told from multiple viewpoints, of a deeply religious family struggling to come to terms with the death of Issy, its youngest member – will make you laugh far more than you expect. It will also make you indignant, make you angry, baffle you, astound you, charm you, and make you […]

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the sentence-01

The Sentence by J.A. Sutherland

I saw him on the first day, in the middle one of the three phone boxes that stand half way up the mile. I’d seen other street performers (though I’m not sure he could be described as such) use this phone-box in previous years. One year, a man in top hat and tails stood blowing […]

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love and eskimo snow-01

Book Review: Love and Eskimo Snow

Ideas-driven fiction is perilous ground for writers at any stage of their career. It poses the constant challenge of balancing the insistent voice of theme with the integral components of the story itself – character, plot and pacing. Too much theme, and you risk turning your fiction into a political pamphlet – too much story, […]

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Made Happy by Pictalo