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Good old Google. Because I write and read a lot online, and often search for terms with ‘publish’ or ‘writer’ in them, these are the sponsored links that appear in my sidebar: Have You Written a Book?‎ We Want to Read Your Book‎ Learn how to publish your book We’ll Help You Find the Right […]

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The Brutalism of Big Don: Wes Brown on Cosmopolis

“A specter is haunting the world – the specter of capitalism” advertises an electronic display during an anti-globalisation protest across the road from where Eric Packer, a 28 year old cyber-capitalist watches, sitting in the hearse-like space of his limousine. Cosmopolis, DeLillo’s fourteenth and most derided novel, is set very much in the post-Fukuyama world, […]

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Book Review: Ad-liberation

I don’t know how old Sai Murray is, but given that he is a ‘retired’ ad-man: ‘clean for 13 years’, I’m guessing not that young. Which makes it all the stranger that Ad-liberation reads like a collection of juvenilia. Perplexingly, Ad-Liberation does nothing to establish that Murray has an insider’s perspective to offer on the […]

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An Eschatological Bestiary-01

Book Review: An Eschatological Bestiary

To have a fighting chance of comprehending a collection of experimental poems which the poet describes as ‘a complete exegetical interpretation of the dramatic rise of an apparently semi-permanent moral blank’, it helps to have a little context. Oz Hardwick, author of An Eschatological Bestiary, is a York-based poet, musician and academic, whose scholarly work […]

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Book Review: Mr Darwin’s Gardener

“The Verger opens the church doors. The smell shoots out: bean farts, rotten teeth, skin and hair and wet woollen clothes. Poverty, mingled with the aromas of the swells: talcum, starch and eau de cologne. The smell of the service evaporates in the rain.” p. 21-22. Reading Mr Darwin’s Gardener is to simultaneously enjoy the […]

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Made Happy by Pictalo