Two Poems by Kristin Chang

taipei everything i see can be reduced to a certain taste of thigh. that three year old is touching himself on the subway. he leaves a thumbprint on the pole. his mother leaves an ashtray next to his right hip. i am carrying. a breakfast of two hard-boiled eggs and i put one egg in […]

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There’s this kid. Poor guy. He’s stuck to a wall. David is his name I think. He’s only fourteen or so. Nobody knows how he got stuck there, but it looks like he’s going to be there for the rest of his life. His back is pressed right up against it. Doctors say they’ve never […]

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alan dunnett-01

Poems by Alan Dunnett

Then He Kissed Me And then he hit me. He hit me in a way that I’d never been hit before followed by the others. Fist and boot then silence. All this because the Orient had lost. We had to get clear only the train hadn’t stopped. ‘Let the poor bastards go’ came at a […]

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Book Review: The Midlands

‘The Midlands are crying, crying for haslet and bacon/crying for bridges where railways falter’. Williams personifies the Midlands in his anaphoric opening poem of the same title: they are speaking to him.  As a lad who grew up in Matlock in Derbyshire, his surroundings have clearly had a direct impact on his art. He re-envisions […]

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opera di cera-01

Book Review: Opera di Cera

Threaded through the twisted physiology of Opera di Cera is a fairy tale of the most fluid sort. It’s as if all the latent symbolism of the venerable story type has been set in a pot and put on a long simmer. The reduction is the concise yet flavoursome verse form of Kelley Swain’s unique […]

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Made Happy by Pictalo