basking shark-01

Basking Shark

Miriam is on acid and laughing hysterically on the bottom deck while me, Melissa and Abbi are sat drinking on the top deck. Doug isn’t really socialising and is sitting on the front of the boat smoking Mayfair cigarettes and has a fishing rod that he brought with him dangling in the water, although he […]

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zanzibar loop de loop-01

Zanzibar or Loop-de-Loop

He’d taken a year off.  Just like that.  At forty-two years of age.  Lost half his client base.  He’d tried to shift them over to long-term investments, but some people never learn: they want karma in this life-time. “I’ve been out of the loop,” he said. “We don’t say that anymore,” I said. “Jim does.” […]

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Myths of the Near Future – Money

The Tale of Jacob and his Ladder And then, as it was late and he had no where else to go, he fell asleep on stones, by which he means a small Medusa shared his bed: her nipples pebbles and her forehead slate. Her breasts his pillows for the night. When they had sex, he’d […]

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protest of the physical-01

Wake Lost Wake Found: An interview with Steve Dearden

Steve Dearden is Writer in Residence for the 2013 and 2014 Wakefield Literature Festivals. His last residency was at Bluewater Shopping Centre for the ARCHItexts project. His short story collection Single Skin is published by Smith Doorstop, and he is currently trying to interest publishers in Chaos Cafe a novel about the Somali civil war […]

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tomato killer-01

Tomato Killer by Matthew Simon Alexander

A man sits at a metal desk with his hands cuffed in front of him. Two men sit opposite him with the table acting as a natural barrier between them and him. Two other men, clearly subordinates, stand behind the handcuffed man with concerned expressions on their faces. The handcuffed man cannot see this, but […]

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poems copland-01

Two Poems by copland smith

Flooded Fields    1998 I In Lincolnshire, they open ditches, watch lakes grow across the fen. Water moves between high dykes; from rushes, ripples fan. Nine Tailors country— not much changes: bells as flat as local beer, straightness— the dykes and ditches, lightning, skylines, rain. The church is on a hill. Round here, they use the word for such a […]

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Made Happy by Pictalo