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A Scarab Where The Heart Should Be
by Marieke Bigg


From the author of Dead Ink smash hit Waiting For Ted.

Maybe it was the sense that the poles of her world had lost their charge. The poles imposing order, dividing sense from nonsense, reality from unreality, love from hate, Mark from Clarissa. That they were all falsely opposed repetitions of the same delusion. That the house she lived in was just an optical illusion in the light of an undifferentiated unknown.          

Jacky ‘The Beetle’ McKenzie is, if you ask her, the most sensible and rational person in the world. Unfortunately, her ordinary and the rest of the world’s ordinary don’t mix. To the rest of the world, she is belligerent, weird, obsessive, angry and volatile.

Always, in the background, husband Mark and girlfriend Clarissa have one eye on each other, both asking the same question – which of them will she push too far first? Which of them will abandon her, and which will be left to pick up the pieces?

A Scarab Where the Heart Should Be invites us into the mind of one of the world’s few true individuals as she embarks on her quest to streamline her life into the most perfect version it can be. Part visionary architect, part whirlwind of furious artistic chaos, but always, unwaveringly, searingly true to herself, this is a case study on what happens when obstinate obsession comes up against an unyielding society.

Marieke Bigg is the author of Waiting for Ted, and This Won’t Hurt. Writing across fiction and non-fiction, she deconstructs the cultural givens around bodies, minds, and identity. She holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Cambridge, where she studied the technological transformation of human reproduction. She now lives in London. In addition to her books, Marieke speaks about the sociology of medicine and psychiatry, and collaborates with biologists and artists to explore the social potential of science. She is also a training psychotherapist.
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