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Three Dreams in the Key of G
by Marc Nash

Shortlisted for the Guardian’s Not the Booker Prize 2018


In peace-agreement Ulster a mother rears her two daughters, as her husband is decommissioned from his violent paramilitary past.

In Florida a septuagenarian runs a community refuge for women – only the authorities have surrounded it as a threat to national security. 

In laboratories all over the world the human genome is being dissected and decoded.

In Three Dreams in the Key of G three female voices – Mother, Crone and Creatrix – unknowingly influence each other’s fates as each battles to assert themselves and discover their voices in hostile environments.

Marc Nash has published five collections of flash fiction and four novels, all of which look to push narrative form and language. He also works with videographers to turn some of his work into digital storytelling. He lives and works in London in the NGO realm.

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