Dead Ink Books’ flagship 2023 title, Lamb by Matt Hill, continues to blossom, having been recently named as one of The Timesfive best science fiction novels of the year.

The piece, written by reviewer Simon Ings, said that “Hill has been fusing science fiction and horror for a while, creating weird, strangely touching tales of the post-industrial future. The more he ploughs his own strange furrow, the more humane his work becomes.”

Lamb was also included in The Guardian’s roundup of the best science fiction and fantasy books in October 2023, with critic Lisa Tuttle describing it as “a disturbing novel that’s humane and weirdly beautiful.” 

With the publication date falling in October, Lamb was perfectly timed for the Halloween season. Dazed included it in their list ‘7 horror books to sink your teeth into this Halloween’. Writer Billie Walker said that “Lamb is a novel about Britain’s neglected citizens: those that fall off the radar and are left struggling to survive, because of governments and companies that seek to exploit people.”

Elsewhere, influencers were diving into the greenery-based grossness of Hill’s latest novel.

TikToker Nicole Murphy said “Visceral is the best word to describe it. I had no idea where the story was going to go, but I really enjoyed where it did go.”

On YouTube, Lonesome Reader included it on his list of reads for Autumn 2023.

Meanwhile, Bookish Punk included it on a list of books that would make great A24 movies… A24, you know where to find us!

It’s not just the media having a field day with Lamb either. Dark Peak Books, Hill’s local bookshop in Glossop, had its best day of the year having hosted a book signing and later a book launch party on International Book Day.

You can read more about Lamb here. You can also find some of our upcoming 2024 books here.

Watch this space… it’s going to be a big year.