Time to be quite brutally honest.

We see Dead Ink as an accessible press, one that pushes boundaries and opens up the publishing industry to a wealth of writers and readers. We’re very proud of the books that we have published over the last five years and the authors that we have represented. We’ve published – and continue to publish – some damn good books!

However, that being said, we want to continue the work we’ve been doing by ensuring there are a wealth of demographics represented within our forthcoming lists. On the whole, the publishing industry is pretty homogenous, with similar stories being told time and time again. We want to ensure we’re not perpetuating and reinforcing the structural inequalities of the industry, and that a wealth of innovative stories by incredibly talented writers are being published.

What we would like to do now is to open for submissions exclusively for both BAME and LGBTQ+ authors. We would like to encourage any BAME and/or LGBTQ+ authors to get in touch with their manuscripts between now and the 1st of April 2020.

We’re looking for novels, novellas and creative non-fiction, asking that authors send their complete manuscript as a Word document or PDF to submissions@deadinkbooks.com along with a short author bio and a one page synopsis.