What it's about

Publishing the Underground is Dead Ink’s ambitious programme to support emerging authors. The editing, design and production of these books is done – they’re ready to go! For the next month we’re going to asking you to help us raise the print costs. If we meet that goal, we’ll release one every month after crowdfunding ends. All we need is you, as a reader, to become a patron. Support the writing you want to read.

You can choose any combination of books and rewards that you want. Every contribution will go towards the creation of new literature. This is your chance to be not just a reader, but a maker!

You’re not just a reader,
you’re a maker.

Dead Ink want to publish three great
new novels for you to read.
We need your help to fund them.

hardback book
signed by the author

Your name
printed in each book
as a patron

reader recommendations
from Dead Ink

Limited edition
cover art prints

The Plan

We need to reach our funding goal of £3,000 in order to print these books and release them to the world. All month we’ll be crowdfunding this target. If you place an order, you’ll be helping us raise those initial costs. Once this stage is complete we’ll send the books to print and release them one month at a time.

By ordering a book now, before publication, you’ll be helping to make a book that didn’t previously exist. Fund the books you want to read and the authors you want to write.